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By | January 7, 2017

Best Bass Earbuds

Welcome to 2017 the year many have been waiting for to continue the journey into the world of unlimited music. We think it would be fun to let you into some cool bass earbuds to keep your company this year. We will discuss below some of the best bass earbuds. We look at those that produce the deepest and tightest and added to that we looked at incredible bass producing earbuds that will let you into the captivating world of exciting music.

What should you hope to get in this short article on best bass earbuds?

  • Talk about what earbuds for bass
  • We will talk about quality
  • Bring you a few products
  • We look at earbuds quality and price

About Earbuds for bass

Earbuds are pieces of music producing devices specially made and configured to produce stunning, and a great amount of bass. These devices are not the ordinary earpiece that you hardly make sense of the sound you hear. We are talking about the deepest sound, very ear throbbing like nothing else in the world. Music clarity and the tightest sound you would ever hear.  You will get to meet these earbuds in a short while below. What makes these earbuds for bass thick is their enhanced drivers that turned the traditional music into studio effects, and you don’t want the music to stop playing.

Good earbuds for bass brings you the same quality bass sound you hear from those large, expensive speakers and oversized headphones. Earbuds are small but powerful sound emitting devices that give you quality music. We discuss next earbuds quality and what makes up that quality.

Best bass earbuds: How to Choose the Best One

When talking about earbuds for bass quality, there are certain specs to look for to determine the quality of the earbuds you are buying. Quality for earbuds is determined by the following:

  • Frequency: Hertz is the measure of sound and the lower the hertz, the more is the bass produced. Most earbuds for bass product will have the frequency written; pick one with lower frequency rating.
  • Impedance: Electricity produces sounds, but it is a hissing sound and can wear out the quality of your device with time. To prevent wearing and provide clear sound, and eliminate hissing, impedance is needed. Impedance is measured in ohms. A higher ohm means lower phones and more precise sounds. When picking your earbuds clear sound quality, pick one with higher ohms.
  • Sensitivity: Measured in decibel and sound pressure level (dB SPL). You need this for your own good as the higher the dB SPL, the greater the chances of hearing loss. Therefore, we look at dB SPL not more than 85. When you choose 85dbspl, be careful not to turn your music input higher.
  • Nominal power handling capacity: This indicates how much power earbuds can take before it wears out. When picking your earbuds, look for Max Power it can take and don’t even reach that maximum volume when using it, otherwise, it would explode!
  • Drivers: drivers give a richer experience to the power to deliver quality sound. The more powerful the drivers, the better is the quality of bass you get because they boost the bass. The more the drivers, the better the sound and the more the price of the earbuds.
  • Lows, Mids and Highs: This indicates the level of an audio output of earbuds that range between hertz and kilohertz. The higher the hertz, the more the quality of music, but note that the more the range, the more dynamic is the earbuds.

What are earbuds for bass?

Earbuds for bass are earphones with the ability to produce more bass based sounds than trebles. The earbuds are engineered to manipulate the audio input to produce more bass to give more clarity to the sound and produce a surround effect like using larger speakers. Such sound output makes more meaning and is thrilling to the ears for maximum enjoyment.

What are the best earbuds for bass?

When picking the best earbuds for bass, the most important thing to look for is the drivers. The higher the drivers, the more power for your earbuds to deliver the right sound bass-based output. As discussed earlier, the small size of earbuds makes it demanding to add more drivers. And any effort to add more drivers to earbuds means more price. So, you should note that the more the drivers, the more the quality and price.

Earbuds: Quality on a Budget


Music is part of life and listening has changed remarkably with more earbuds for bass making their ways into the homes of music lovers. With advancement in technology and demand for quality earphones, users need to have enough information to pick best bass earbuds that deliver quality within their budget.

Prices differ from manufacturer to manufacturer but knowing what you need and how to get it is more important in getting the best earbuds. Following this review will help you make the right choice of best earbuds that meets your budget and give you comfortable and excellent sound reproduction.

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