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Gone are the days you need to get a bank loan to get you the best piece of earbuds in the market. But technology advancement is changing all that as there are great sounding earbuds today you can get under $50, yet they come with performance and good bass base. With this review, you are sure to get quality earbuds affordable to your pocket, and you won’t compromise on quality.

Earbuds offer a convenient way of listening to your favorite music on the move if you are not the type of large headphones. Our list of under $50 earbuds will treat you to great fanciful earbuds that would make you feel great on the move with music!


I love the style of this earbuds. It comes with a sleek metallic wood finish that looks good in your ears. We didn’t pick it for its beauty only because quality earbuds is defined by the output performance of the device not just its aesthetics. No matter how loud the music, there won’t be any distortion. Therefore, you have great earbuds with loud bass in this earbuds and is pocket-friendly.


  • Driver Unit: Dynamic 8mm Neodymium Magnet
  • Sensitivity: 101dB (+/- 3dB) at 1 KHz, 1mW
  • Frequency response: 18Hz-22 KHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) : <3dB
  • Input power rating: 5mW
  • Cable: 2m long braided nylon
  • Accessories: Small, medium and large sizes silicon ear tips

Pouch is eco-friendly 


  • Symphonized in-ear noise canceling headphones are handcrafted from real wood
  • Earbuds produce crisp, great sound and loud deep bass
  • Comes with 3 custom comfortable silicone ear tips and a convenient, eco-friendly pouch
  • Inbuilt-in-line microphone to answer or end calls, activate Voice Control and skip tracks
  • Stylish design and high-end sound quality with symphonized earbuds is perfect for modern generation phones like iPod, iPhone, and iPad, all Androids, tablets, mp3 players and much more


  • Premium Sound Quality
  • Authentic feel of natural design
  • Nylon Braided Cable makes it more resistant to damage in comparison to the regular rubber cable.
  • Two Sets of Eartips – These earbuds come with three black and three gray ear tips in small, medium, and large. Carrying pouch included.


  • After prolonged use, it gives a crackling sound, although not enough to discredit the product.


  • Ranges from $25 – $49.99 depending on where you’re buying.

Final verdict

Its decent earbuds and you will love its feels and the music production. Putting your money on this product will bring significant value in the form of quality music.

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Sony MDRXB50AP is a great product not for its money but quality standard with an excellent technical specification. Take a look at the specs, and you will agree this is a good product for your ears. We picked it as part of our under 50 Best earbuds because it is worth i.


  • Driver Unit: 12 mm DOME TYPE (CCAW)

12mm neodymium drivers for powerful, balanced sound

X-Bass for club-like sound

  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Frequency response: 18Hz-22 KHz
  • Capacity :                 100mW
  • Cable: 2m
  • Microphone: Smartphone-compatible with in-line remote mic


  • Designed Drivers with high-energy neodymium magnets to deliver quality music fitting today’s favorite music genres.
  • Integrated Microphone for Smartphone playback control, intended to make the MDR-XB50AP perfect companion for Smartphone. Offers additional convenient Smart Key app for Android users.
  • Perfectly fitting hybrid silicone earbuds designed to reduce ambient noise for long lasting comfort. Comes in x-small, small, medium and large earbuds included for perfect fitting.
  • Bas duct made for tightly sealed acoustic for high-quality sound production.


  • Upgrade to extra bass. Extra bass for soul-stirring music
  • Powerful sound. The high-power neodymium magnet produce beats that feel so powerful and precise
  • Gives you the control. You can switch from music to call with its powerful in-line microphone and remote inbuilt device for complete comfort to adjust music volume move from call to music.
  • Freedom to choose. It comes in great styles of vibrant colors to pick.


  • It is bulky and may make it uncomfortable for some.


  • Ranges from $27.27 – $40 depending on where you’re buying.

Final verdict

This brand offers regular earbuds. It’s stylish make and beauty stands it out among the competition and gives it a distinct taste for users who love the class. When you combine its versatility with attractive price and beauty, this product is a bargain. We recommend it to anyone wanting a blend of aesthetics, great functionality, and affordability.


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Check it out; you will agree this is a purpose built earbuds on the market. Its aim is to offer crisp and dynamic sound production to give the user great value for money. The earphones seem something to last a lifetime, and the sound production is so balanced that you hardly ask for something else. It is well vented to keep the audio from sounding dense. The inbuilt, in-line microphone is well suited for both iOS and Android Smartphone and gives you complete control of the phone resources from user points of views.

The manufacturer just recently changed its brand name from Advanced Sound to M4, but the quality of the product didn’t change. There are two models of the product in the market. The third model is although available; it comes at a higher price. But all models are produced to competitive standard to stand a distance to its competitors’.


  • Comply foam eartips feature delivers high noise isolation for better-quality sound experience.
  • In-line remote/microphone provides convenience for controlling music and calls.
  • The twisted never tangle cord provides durable and reliable earbuds cord.


  • Driver Unit: Custom Tuned Single Dynamic Drivers
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm+/-15%
  • Sensitivity: 92dB+/-3dB at 1 kHz
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20 kHz
  • Rated Power Input: 1mW
  • Input Power: 5mW
  • Cord length: 36M, Gold Plated Plug 3.5mm


  • Great balance in music production
  • Great value price, check the technical specs, and you will agree this is a bargain
  • Love that cable.
  • Compact and comfortable


  • It is best for grownups; bass heads look elsewhere


  • Ranges from $39.99 – $40 depending on where you’re buying, don’t confuse it with the third model which cost around $100.

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Final verdict

For its high-quality sound production, aesthetics built and the inbuilt remote/mic facility for convenient handling of music and calls this product is something every music lovers should have. The fact that its price falls under 50 means it offers a high-end product for less.


We recommend this product to all lovers of good music.

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