How to Choose Best Headphones with Good Bass

By | January 22, 2017

How to Choose Best Headphones with Good Bass

The Ultimate reason why people buy headphones is to enjoy private, non-disturbing and high-quality music that they would have enjoyed through home theatres. With the Myriad of headphones that are available in the stores, it would be hard for people to detect headphones with good bass which is why people should be enriched with the tips to get good headphones. Bass is what brings music listening and impact satisfaction which many people are looking for when they buy Headphones. How do you know that Headphones have a good bass before you buy them?

The Type of Headphones Itself

There are three types of headphones which include the in-ear, the one ear, and the over ear type. In-ear headphones happen to produce high bass because they are inserted directly adjacent to the eardrum which makes them to be perfectly sensitive when producing sound. On-ear headphones lie just on top of the pinna which makes them to channel sound directly to the ear drum. The main drawback of these headphones is that they don’t cancel sound from external environments. The over-the-ear headphones are known to have a stronger bass, but they are inconvenient because sometimes they are so bothering especially when exercising or running. When it comes to choosing the headphones with good bass, consider your purpose as well.

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Check the Ones with Big Drivers

Drivers are comprised of different components which include the coil, the diaphragm, and the magnets. These are the ones responsible of converting electrical energy into vibrations which are interpreted as sound on the ears. Headphones with good bass happen to have a large diaphragm which measure at least 400mm. On the specifications of the earphones, you can check this before you buy so that you become sure of the bass intensity that you would enjoy.

Low Impendence on Headphones Guarantee a Large Base

Impendence is a measure of electrical resistance that is measured in Ohms. When it is high, more power would be required to raise excellent efficiency of the Headphones. Headphones with good bass happen to have high impendence of like 300 so that they work even in low power supply like in the case with mobile phone. When this feature is supplemented by the total harmonic distortion feature, the headphones become super and with a strong base. Others include the noise cancellation feature which ensures that the clarity of the beats is super fine without getting interfered with external sounds. If you have no clue of how to discern specifications of the headphones, it would be hard for you to know the best ones.


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