Sony MDR-XB90EX In-Ear Extra Bass Headphones Review

By | January 11, 2017

Sony MDR-XB90EX In-Ear Extra Bass Headphones Review

The Sony MDR-XB90EX is a full bass based headphone for all music and audio lovers. It’s not just another headphone; it is one of industry best as Sony the manufacturer spent quality time in research and production to give you this headset.


What else will you need a bass headphone for it, not for its crisp and clear sound? When you listen to Sony MDR-XB90EX audio production, you will admit it is crisp and clear. It is manufactured with an angled duct that adds extra bass letting you hear from a high range. While you enjoy the quality of the music, Sony MDR-XB90EX headset is comfortable and feels light on your head because of their small profile.

You won’t find those annoying falling off you get from some headphones. The Sony MDR-XB90EX stays firm as if glued to your ears. And that is because of the vertical in-ear construction of the headphone and feels comfortable all through your listening time.

Anytime you use this headphone; you will feel it was made just for you. Plug the earbuds into the ears, the kind of acoustic sound you get will make you marvel in awe; just like it’s a studio vibe and nothing is more thrilling than getting the kind of sound you most desire in your bass headphone as the Sony MDR-XB90EX provides.

If you check the configuration carefully, you would agree this is thick! A product with the kind of features like Sony MDR-XB90EX shouldn’t be categorized among the commoners in the headphone market; it is special! Let’s run through the features, the technical and pros and cons that stand it out.

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  • Sony MDR-XB90EX comes with hybrid silicone earbuds that sit perfectly in your ears giving you lasting all day comfort you will hardly get in any other headphone.
  • Tangle-free cord. The tangle-free serrated cord offers endearing peace and lasting enjoyment of the headphone. Nothing feels like having your earphone cord untangled while you enjoy your music; there is no distraction.
  • Extra noise isolation earbuds. The noise isolation earbuds are provided separately in the box for use when you feel like using it. It offers more listening pleasure to filter out noise from the sound you get.
  • Elegance and quality style. The construction of the headphone, its angled-duct design makes it look more amazing when you wear it. People will always admire you for its elegance.
  • Fitting assist. It’s marveling that when Sony MDR-XB90EX is being designed, the manufacturer got to this detail in the design of a piece of musical equipment that fits when others are struggling to get the bass in place.
  • Sound clarity. A deep acoustic bass sound derives its power from the quality of the driver. Sony MDR-XB90EX sound production is superbly quality and makes sense to the ears.

The above feature didn’t just happen; it is due to the carefully designed technical specification that brings all elements of quality sound and acoustic bass together to give you the power of excellent music in the Sony MDR-XB90EX headphones. We discuss the technical specification below so you can understand this is not just the makeup, but the quality is a design to give you the best bass sound ever!

Technical Specifications

If you have read our guide on how to choose the best earbuds for bass we pointed out the things to look out for in your prospective headphones and these are technical elements that together work out the great sound and impressive audio you get from the best bass headphones. Let’s look at the specifications for Sony MDR-XB90EX:

  • Driver: the power of its bass is found in the 16mm driver unit and the advanced direct vibe structure engineered to produce mind blowing extra bass percussion.
  • Advanced design: Supporting the driver for great music production is the Advanced Direct Vibe Structure, also backed by the Angled duct for clear high-range sound production. Let’s not forget the hybrid silicone rubber earbuds to block out the noise and gives full concentration for good audio.
  • Sensitivity: Sony MDR-XB90EX is powered by a 106 dB/mW rating. This badass headphone delivers powerful music because of the combination of ‘ingredients’ that are so tasty.
  • Impedance: 16 ohms at 1 KHz to give you a complete no hissing sound.
  • Power handling capacity: 200mW
  • Speaker: uses Neodymium magnet
  • Frequency response: It runs at 4-27,000Hz
  • Cord length: The cord measures 1.2 meters, which is long enough to provide more comfort.
  • Cable type: Flat
  • Plug: It’s Gold-plated with L-shaped Stereo Mini
  • Weight: about 9g without the cord.

Pros & Cons

We looked at the Pros & Cons from many users using the product and have commented on their experiences. Like anything in life, different people with different experiences but we want you to have it from them; you be the judge.


  • Very impressive sound, more than expected.
  • Mid and
  • It has great mid and trebles, while the bass is never compromised.
  • Cable: Solid built, couldn’t ask for more.
  • Acoustic: Even more impressive is the huge bass when your ears are sealed out.
  • Sony MDR-XB90EX can last a lifetime.


  • Two version of Chinese and Japan. Its two version availability in the market is confusing to get the best one.
  • It is noisy when rubbed against hard stuff like your jacket zipper.


The price of a product is a sensitive one because people have different pockets. However, we check on the price range for Sony MDR-XB90EX and discovered prices as follows on eBay and Amazon; eBay – $119.90, Amazon – $108.50. There are tendencies you may get it cheaper or higher than the prices here if you extend your shopping for the product.


For a comfy, crisp, and deep bass sound, with the perfect price you can go for Sony MDR-XB90EX because we a confident it will not disappoint your expectations. What we saw in this product hold great promise for the future and it’s durable to give you good value for your money and time.


Sony MDR-XB90EX In-Ear Extra Bass HeadphonesSony MDR-XB90EX In-Ear Extra Bass Headphones

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