Things to Avoid When Buying Headphones for TV

By | January 15, 2017

Things to Avoid When Buying Headphones for TV

Wireless headphones for TV can be a great option of many households, and there are many options available on the market. Wireless headphones for TV fix the problems of the short wires many headphones have. However, wireless headphones come with their own problems. Here are some things that you should avoid when buying wireless headphones for TV.

1. Type of Headphone

There are two main types of headphones, in ear and over the head. In-ear headphones that are wireless are not that common, so there are limited options, and they are more expensive.

Over the Head wireless headphones are the more common option. Most of these headphones are noise isolating or canceling which can help users listen to the television. These headphones can be heavy or can be small depending on the model.

2. Short Battery Life

This is not a problem with most new wireless headphones for TV, but there are still models that have a very short battery life. A short battery life can make watching TV a pain because you will need to stop watching to charge or replace the batteries.

3. Not Using Rechargeable Batteries.

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying wireless headphones for TV is buying ones without built-in batteries. Wireless headphones will quickly drain most types of batteries within just a few hours of use. While there are rechargeable batteries, they are very expensive and will still need to be charged at times. The cost of the batteries over the lifetime of the wireless headphones for TV will make them more expensive than headphones that come with their own charging station.

4. Short Transmission Range

One of the main factors you need to think about is where your TV is located, and if you will be moving around while using your wireless headphones for TV. The transmission range will be posted on the packaging or the sales page. Most wireless headphones for TV will have a range that will work for small to medium sized rooms, but people with large rooms could have a problem. If you plan to move around with your wireless headphones, you should think about picking a pair of headphones that have a long transmission range.

5. The Type of Transmission

Depending on your TV, Bluetooth may not be an option. Most new TVs will have Bluetooth, but older TVs may use RF or IF technology. RF is the best option, next to Bluetooth. Before buying wireless headphones for TV, you should make sure to check what transmission option is available.

There are many options for wireless headphones for TV that you can pick from. Avoiding the problems listed above will allow you to enjoy TV using your wireless headphones.

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